WCDE023: ‘And Here It Is’ by Valera Unusov [Techno]

“And Here It Is” by Valera Unusov, released under our label with the number WCDE023. A real magnet for fans of hypnotic and RAW techno. This track doesn’t just sound, it draws you into the depths of its soundscape with a continuous flow of energy.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Valera Unusov
Title: And Here It Is
Genre: Electronic
Style: RAW / Hypnotic Techno

Starting off with heavy and addictive beats, “And Here It Is” slowly builds up the tension, urging listeners to the dance floor. The bass line beats to the beat like the heartbeat of the night, keeping you in the enveloping atmosphere of the track.

Synthesizers filled with energy and inspiration create hypnotic melodies that penetrate every cell of your being. They are not just sounds, they build the atmosphere, immersing you in the vortex of your own thoughts and emotions.


That’s What Everyone Wants to Hear

Besides the main version, its experimental and wild alternative is “That’s What Everyone Wants to Hear”. ( Also available on Russian streaming services)

In this version of the track Valera Unusov presents a more audacious sound, playing with unexpected sonic textures and experimental rhythmic solutions.

This alternate version of “And Here It Is” adds new layers of sounds and nuances. It retains the energy and hypnotic atmosphere of the original, but adds elements of wildness and rawness, making the listening experience even more unique and exciting.


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