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Free Spotify Playlist Submission

Grow Your Streams. Get More Exposure. 100% Free Spotify Playlist Submission

We are engaged in the promotion of underground electronic dance music. Be it an artist, producer or a music enthusiast! Send us your track and if we like it we will add it to our Spotify playlists and share it on our community pages!

Can you send playlists on Spotify Playlist Submission free?

  • Your track in style: House, Techno, Break ( Deep, Progressive, Melodic, Minimal and others )
  • NON EDM!
  • You are subscribed to our Spotify profile and playlists!

So we inform you that we are representatives of DJ POOL with a large participation of practicing DJs. If you would like to promote your materials, please contact us: EMAIL
The letter should contain links to your social media profiles and not a lot of information about you!

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