‘Get Up’ by Rod Carrillo & Ron Carroll [House]

The track “Get Up” by Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll brings a positive and energetic mood typical of Chicago/Old-school House. Carrillo masterfully creates a classic house groove that is filled with lively rhythms and explosive chords like in his previous works. For example, in the track “Bajada” or “Alegre.” He skillfully puts elements of classic sound into a modern context, creating something recognizable yet fresh.

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‘Seven Sins’ by Koma D [Techno]

Koma D presents us with an ultra-charged RAW / Hypnotic Techno track where energy and dark vibe collide in a whirlwind of sonic storm.

“Seven Sins” is not looking for a peaceful compromise; it aims to shake up your musical tastes with its aggressive mood and hard groove. Koma D explores the depths of RAW Techno, embellishing it with drops that attack the listener and dig into the memory, keeping you on your toes.

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‘Lost’ by Ali Cirlaz&Burak Cirlaz [Melodic House&Techno]

“Lost” is an epic dive into the world of Melodic House&Techno, performed with energy and some aggression. This makes it appealing to audiences looking for musical excitement.

The track’s charm begins with its aggressive rhythm, which continuously maintains the tension throughout the piece. The rhythmic elements are an integral part of the musical landscape of the composition, and they sound with a special persistence and energy.

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‘Disposable’ by VEENMOL [Techno]

In the world of techno music, where every track seeks to explode the dance floor with its energy, there are works that stand out even among this ocean of sounds. One of such tracks is “Disposable” by VEENMOL from the Netherlands. The track does not leave indifferent any connoisseur of the style. Energetic, aggressive and sullen mood of this composition is a perfect example of hypnotic techno, pulling the listener into its whirlpool of sounds.

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