Video live dj set by Orchid Kid _FONAREV 57 BIRTHDAY

Artist: Orchid Kid | Anastasia Suminova | Moscow, Russian Federation

Orchid Kid live dj set_FONAREV 57 BIRTHDAY_ digital emotion_TREFF8_R_sound video

DJ Orchid Kid is a participant and resident of Digital Emotions project, a permanent resident of Ketch Up club. A person with a wide range of successful skills: from event organizer to DJ, with a unique musical taste. She has a huge amount of exclusive music material in her collection, which is sent to her by musicians. The main format is house in all manifestations! In her performances she likes to combine several styles.

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Mushtukov – video dj set [minimal, deep, tech] , Minsk

диджей микширует треки

Video recorded in Minsk is an exciting DJ set by the talented artist Mushtukov, known for his mastery of minimal, deep and tech house / techno styles.

Mushtukov has skillfully selected the tracks and demonstrates his skill in mixing the tracks. This DJ set will bring listeners the excitement and enjoyment of virtuoso sounds, making it a great option for all lovers and connoisseurs of electronic music, especially those who are into minimal, deep and tech house.

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Techno Rhythms 2023: Fresh Sounds and Upcoming Tracks – DVIZHIZN #6

танцующая под техно музыку девушка

Welcome to a new episode of Valera Unusov’s techno music podcast, full of fresh sounds and exclusive previews. It will leave you enthralled from start to finish. You will be immersed in a wave of innovation and energy, and have an unforgettable musical experience. A unique combination of abstract sounds and deep bass, it is full of energy and continuous movement. Welcome to other worlds of techno music.

The opening episode delves into a deep techno atmosphere with the track “There Is No Sound in Space,” scheduled for release this July. It carries hypnotic melodies and energetic rhythms with a psychedelic character, creating the illusion of the unfathomable space of space.

Also in the episode, he shares exclusive preview tracks – Pan El Diablo “Frozen Ground”, “That is 1:10AM” and “Dreamland Kak-Tak” .

Track list
1. Valera Unusov – There Is No Sound in Space ( RELEASE 07-07-2023 )
2. KMYLE – Trajectory
3. Valera Unusov – That is 1:10AM ( SOON )
4. B. Riley – Draw The Line
5. KMYLE – High Slide
6. Valera Unusov – Dreamland Kak-Tak ( SOON )
7. Jen Series – 10am
8. Flug – Forward Direction
9. Uncertain – Blame
10. Ignez, Rødhåd – VERMILLION 03 [220208.2] 11. hinkina – Rotative entities
12. Kashpitzky – Hyper Cut
13. Piotr Figiel, Umba – Supernova
14. Dubfade – Feels Like Home
15. Pan El Diablo – Frozen Ground (RELEASE 16-06-2023)
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Dvizhizn is a deep and layered techno music podcast!

Friends, if you love techno music as much as Valera Unusov, then you should definitely listen to the new regular podcast from our #it’s_not_techno section. In it you will find not only fresh, but also upcoming tracks. Dvizhizn is an amazing combination of deep and layered sounds that take you to another reality. Enjoy these sounds and discover new facets of techno music. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date!

techno 2023 техно музыка

Upcoming tracks:

Track list
Estella Boersma – Dazed
Human Safari – White Collar Addict
Valera Unusov – UFO
Azogiař, Luca Maniaci – Stealth (Luca Maniaci into The Storm Mix)
Valera Unusov – Gerbert ( Club mix )
Linear System – Space Exploration 38
Alfonsvs, Answer Code Request – Physical Education (Answer Code Request Remix)
Benjamin Damage – Montreal
3KZ – A Love Supreme
Jin-Su – Mambo
Gotshell – Espectros
Arthur Robert – Achiever
Boston 168 – Second City
Introversion – REM
Hedström & Pflug, Delano Legito – Imitation (Delano Legito Remix)

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