‘Welcome To The Future’ by POPOF & Mauro Somm [Peak Time/ Driving Techno]

“Welcome To The Future” by POPOF and Mauro Somm is an energetic Peak Time/ Driving Techno dance floor explosion filled with epic sound effects and a powerful bass line. The track is full of interesting consonances and unique sounds that make the dance floor explode with energy.

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‘Jax Trax’ EP by Dalton Taylor [Techno/ Detroit Techno]

диджей за пультом

The new mini-album by Dalton Taylor titled “Jax Trax” is an opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of Techno and Detroit Techno. Where relentless energy and straightforward mood reign supreme. The EP comprises two tracks: “Diss Track” and “Jack Track”. Both demonstrate Taylor’s skill in crafting a sound that pays homage to the classics while incorporating a modern touch.

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‘Raving Adventures’ by Horatio & Pagano (Sebastiaan Hooft Remix)

Sebastiaan Hooft took on the remix of “Raving Adventures” by Horatio & Pagano, and the result is solid but lacks surprises. It clearly adheres to the techno canon without going beyond the expectations for Peak Time / Driving Techno style. The track reflects the energy and aggression inherent in the style, making it a good choice for any techno set aimed at adrenaline boosting and explosive emotional reset.

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‘Prayers On Acid’ by Sam Collins [TechHouse]

Sam Collins from the Netherlands, the charismatic hero of tech house, breaks the tranquility with “Prayers On Acid”. This track is a cry from the darkness, the epitome of toughness and techno-futurism.

Fanfare Records, Thomas Gold’s label, proved to be the perfect place to release “Prayers On Acid”. Here the track finds its natural musical sanctuary where it can blossom to its fullest potential. The label, known for its diverse and inspiring approach to music, accepts this dark and powerful track with open arms.

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‘All About LOve’ by Roni Martinez & IXIM [Techno]

“All About Love” by Roni Martinez and IXIM is a track that carries a distinct signature of energy and romance mixed with hypnotic techno tones. Heavy beats and a “blitz” rhythm effectively penetrate the listener, creating an atmosphere of frenzy on the dance floor.

Echoes of vinyl crackle, emphasizing minimalism, give the track a characteristic retro charm. Percussion acts as the main character in the track, adding dynamics and creating rhythmic complexity. However, it should be noted that sometimes you expect more energy in its development.

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