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Home party or how to arrange a VIP party!

To have a party and have a good time, it is not necessary to go to a bar or a nightclub. A vacant house, townhouse or apartment can turn into a VIP club territory, where there will be only your favorite cocktails, music and, of course, people. Hosting a Home Party for the first time or planning for the next one? We have collected life hacks, read on…

Home party или как устроить домашнюю вечеринку!
Home party
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Looking for a suitable look for a party? What to wear to a club for a girl?!

дресс-код nigth club лук ночной клуб

The main task of the outfit chosen for going to the club is a combination of convenience, brightness and attractiveness. That is, whatever you choose, you will not fit, firstly, clothes in which you will be uncomfortable, which restricts movement, presses or clings. Secondly, there are things that will look dull and uninteresting without highlighting their hostess in a dark room of a night establishment. After all, people come to the club in order to attract attention, joining the party. And, thirdly, such clothes will not suit you, which will make you less attractive: to plump, emphasize flaws or, conversely, hide advantages. What should a girl wear to the club in this case? We’ll figure it out. And for the mood, here’s our playlist for you!

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