‘Who Got Da?’ by Dalton Taylor [Techno/Detroit Techno]

диджей за пультом

“Who Got Da?” by Dalton Taylor, released on Kevin Saunderson’s legendary label KMS Records, is a prime example of Techno/Detroit Techno. The track is energized and aggressive, perfect for peak hour on the dance floor.

As soon as you press play, you can immediately hear the solid and powerful beat that characterizes classic Detroit Techno. Dalton uses a recognizable rhythmic pattern based on a steady four-dozen beat and accented basslines. The bass line is tight but not overpowering, creating a foundation for the track’s further development.

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‘Your House’ by Chris Veron, AXXX7en [PeakTime/Driving Techno]

The “Your House” track by Chris Veron and AXXX7en clearly shows a confident mastery of the PeakTime/Driving Techno style. The fusion of dark melodies with energetic rhythms creates an atmosphere of tension characteristic of this style.

This track is a modern embodiment of the classic theme “My House Is Your House”, but in a new way that brings freshness and originality to the world club scene.

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