‘Switch’ by Remon Verhoeve [Hard Techno]

“Switch” track by Remon Verhoeve demonstrates purebred Hard Techno. From the first seconds it hooks you with its aggressive and energetic mood. The bass line presses hard and unrelenting, which is typical for the style.

“Switch” is available for free download here. Don’t miss the chance to feel the full power of “Switch” by Remon Verhoeve – play the track and let it take over your playlist!

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‘Fly’ by KC Lights feat. Welt [House Music]

“Fly” by KC Lights featuring vocalist Welt is a dive into an energetic and positive mood, an old-school house classic. The track was released on Toolroom Records, a label that has become a platform for many significant releases in recent years.

KC Lights has been part of the Toolroom family for a long time. Over the past five years he has released six singles on the label, amassing over 100 million streams. His reputation as one of the most exciting and consistent producers has been solidified with remixes for titans such as MK, Calvin Harris and David Guetta. KC Lights has performed extensively around the world, including an extensive US tour and numerous Ibiza appearances.

Turn on “Fly” by KC Lights featuring Welt and immerse yourself in a world of sunny vibes and energetic groove !

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‘Do It Timmy’ by Luuk van Dijk [TechHouse]

“Do It Timmy” by Luuk van Dijk on Factory93 Records is a quality TechHouse track with an energetic mood and slight sexy atmosphere.

The baseline here is fat and rocking. It sets a confident rhythm that is immediately addictive. Vocal samples are short and concise, adding memorability to the track. Classic for TechHouse – deaf kicks and clear claps. They are competently woven into the mix, creating a dense and rich sound picture.

If you want to be energized and feel the underground drive, be sure to listen to “Do It Timmy” by Luuk van Dijk!

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‘The Feel’ by ETA [TechHouse/Minimal]

TechHouse/Minimal style track “The Feel” catches your attention right away. It’s a real groovy Minimal that immerses you in the atmosphere of an underground party. The bass is dense and rich, setting a powerful foundation for the whole composition. The groove is perfectly supported by well thought-out rhythmic patterns.

Immerse yourself in the energy of “The Feel” by ETA. Press PLAY right now – this track is worth your attention!

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‘Thonga’ by Leo Gira, Leo Guardo, Tabia, Tony P. [Tribal/Afro House]

Leo Guardo returns to Sondela with “Thonga”, a track that instantly grabs attention with its uplifting Afro-tech sound. The track is a collaboration with Leo Gira, Tony P and vocalist Tabia. Following the success of his previous release “Hold On”, the new track confirms Guardo’s strong connection with the Sondela label.

Don’t miss “Thonga” – turn it up and immerse yourself in an exciting Afro-tech journey that will liven up any dancefloor!

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‘Real Light’ by LEDNA [Melodic House&Techno]

“Real Light” by LEDNA is an example of competent fusion of Melodic Techno and House. The track stands out for its emotional depth, while maintaining vigor and structural clarity.

The basis of the track is a powerful, pulsating bass. It is reminiscent of Stephan Bodzin and Maceo Plex. The bass line confidently keeps the listener in suspense, creating a foundation for the rest of the elements. It’s a well thought out choice for a style where every detail matters.

Play “Real Light” by LEDNA and feel all the power and emotional depth of Melodic Techno & House!

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‘Nine’ by Mekci [Progressive House]

“Nine” by Swedish producer Mekci is a prime example of Progressive House that combines energetic and epic moods. The track showcases the author’s skill in creating catchy progressive vibes, keeping the listener engaged throughout the track. Utilizing carefully crafted baselines, airy arpeggios and powerful drops, Mekci shows a deep understanding of style and attention to detail.

If you appreciate quality Progressive House, be sure to listen to Mekci’s “Nine” and immerse yourself in its epic and energetic sound.

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‘Big Busta’ by Low Steppa, Jewel Kid [TechHouse]

Toolroom label continues to be a factory for releasing club hits in House, TechHouse style. Toolroom consistently delivers quality releases, and “Big Busta” by duo Low Sterrai and Jewel Kid is no exception. This track is further proof of the high level of production and professionalism they maintain.

“Big Busta” is a true club weapon. It is designed for big venues and loud speakers. This is a track that will be played in DJ sets all over the world, warming up the crowd to the max. Play it right now!

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‘Crows Nest’ by Andromo, Jared Love [Minimal/DeepTech]

When you play “Crows Nest” by Andromo and Jared Love, you immediately realize that what you are looking at is a masterfully mixed track in the styles of Minimal and DeepTech. It is both dynamic and sad, creating a unique atmosphere that will surely be remembered for a long time.

Let’s dive into the world of “Crows Nest” right now and feel all the energy and melancholy it brings.

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‘Got You Trippin’ by Drew Dapps, Leon the Lover [Minimal/Deep]

Track “Got You Trippin” by the duo of Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover showcases classic Minimal/Deep House. The collaborative work of the two masters of minimalism has infused the track with a refined atmosphere and signature rhythm. It is dominated by relaxed, positive vibes with a subtle touch of sexiness.

The bass line is simple and elastic, creating the foundation for the entire track. Its pulsation sets a steady groove that is easy to catch and pleasant to move to. Sub-bass gently cuts through the mix without overloading the low frequencies, which is exactly how it should be in Minimal/Deep House.

Dive into the atmosphere of relaxed vibes and sophisticated rhythm – turn on “Got You Trippin” by Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover right now!

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