‘Underneath the Redwoods’ by At Dawn [Deep/ Organic House]

“Underneath the Redwoods” by At Dawn from Sacramento is one where the music speaks for itself. The first time you hear this Deep/ Organic House track, you are instantly immersed in the atmosphere of California sunrises and night parties.

What’s more, “Underneath the Redwoods” is part of album by Routine Espresso label called VA008: Long Black. This track is like looking at a glass of fresh espresso before diving into the nightlife.

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‘Welcome To The Future’ by POPOF & Mauro Somm [Peak Time/ Driving Techno]

“Welcome To The Future” by POPOF and Mauro Somm is an energetic Peak Time/ Driving Techno dance floor explosion filled with epic sound effects and a powerful bass line. The track is full of interesting consonances and unique sounds that make the dance floor explode with energy.

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‘Jax Trax’ EP by Dalton Taylor [Techno/ Detroit Techno]

диджей за пультом

The new mini-album by Dalton Taylor titled “Jax Trax” is an opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of Techno and Detroit Techno. Where relentless energy and straightforward mood reign supreme. The EP comprises two tracks: “Diss Track” and “Jack Track”. Both demonstrate Taylor’s skill in crafting a sound that pays homage to the classics while incorporating a modern touch.

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‘When You Gonna’ by illyus & Barrientos [House/TechHouse]

Scottish duo Illyus & Barrientos are back on Toolroom Records with “When You Gonna”. From the first seconds you can feel the signature: sexy atmosphere, positive mood and a driving beat.

Toolroom Records is really a hit factory in the world of dance music, steadily continuing its influence and dictating trends in the genres of house and techno.

And the new track “When You Gonna” by illyus & Barrientos in House/TechHouse style fits into the label’s catalog with impeccable precision, offering listeners another spectacular work that can blow up dancefloors around the world.

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