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Dance Electronic Music! Video broadcast and music label.

R_sound is a team of professionals – organizers of various events, united by a love for electronic music! Including DJs, web designers, video directors and operators. One of our main activities is to convey to people the atmosphere of the event through live video broadcasts, live mixes, as well as shooting video clips in an interesting and high-quality form.

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We Can Do Everything!

Our music label under which we promote and release. Electronic dance music in styles from House to Techno! Read more

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Youtube chanel R_sound

On our Youtube channel, you can watch recordings of DJ performances from parties not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. DJ sets such as Spyder, Alexander Alar, Vladimir Dubyshkin, DJ List, Nils, etc. Plus interviews and more…

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We regularly host events to support our community!

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R_sound introduce you to quality electronic music in various genres. We regularly record DJ performances at underground parties in Russia and other countries. For our subscribers only exclusive sets!

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Music Blog

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Music lovers have never had so much choice when it comes to the latest music news and releases. As always with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which sites are worth reading and which aren’t. Whether you’re into house, techno, EDM or breakbeat. You can find your new favorite music blog here. Dance music and club news. We offer new music reviews, live DJ sets and industry news. These are just a few of the areas covered in the blog.

Video live dj set by Orchid Kid _FONAREV 57 BIRTHDAY

‘A Capo’ by Chelina Manuhutu [TechHouse]

‘Get Up’ by Rod Carrillo & Ron Carroll [House]

‘Seven Sins’ by Koma D [Techno]

WCDE023: ‘And Here It Is’ by Valera Unusov [Techno]

‘Lonely Nights’ by Sarge Malone [Minimal House]

‘Ascension’ by Kasango & Eran Hersh [Tribal /Afro House]

‘Lost’ by Ali Cirlaz&Burak Cirlaz [Melodic House&Techno]

‘Feenin” by VKZ [TechHouse/Jackin]

‘Disposable’ by VEENMOL [Techno]

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‘A Capo’ by Chelina Manuhutu [TechHouse]

The track “A Capo” by Chelina Manuhutu embodies the essence of tech-house with a groovy bassline that becomes the foundation for the entire track. It accurately leads the listener through the sonic confusion created by rhythmic special effects and consonances.

‘Get Up’ by Rod Carrillo & Ron Carroll [House]

The track “Get Up” by Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll brings a positive and energetic mood typical of Chicago/Old-school House. Carrillo masterfully creates a classic house groove that is filled with lively rhythms and explosive chords like in his previous works. For example, in the track “Bajada” or “Alegre.” He skillfully puts elements of classic …