Video live dj set by Orchid Kid _FONAREV 57 BIRTHDAY

Artist: Orchid Kid | Anastasia Suminova | Moscow, Russian Federation

Orchid Kid live dj set_FONAREV 57 BIRTHDAY_ digital emotion_TREFF8_R_sound video

DJ Orchid Kid is a participant and resident of Digital Emotions project, a permanent resident of Ketch Up club. A person with a wide range of successful skills: from event organizer to DJ, with a unique musical taste. She has a huge amount of exclusive music material in her collection, which is sent to her by musicians. The main format is house in all manifestations! In her performances she likes to combine several styles.

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‘To Life’ by ADRIANNA [ Techno/ PeakTime & Driving ]

девушка диджей

ADRIANNA from the UK delivers a true Techno/ PeakTime & Driving experience in her new track “To Life”. Powerful driving kick and synth riffs create a sound that hits you right in the heart of the rave.

Essentially, the track is filled with emotionally resonant vocals and a euphoric breakdown that simply blows up the dance floor. There’s no room for extra notes or weak beats in “To Life”, just the pure, unadulterated joy of electronic bliss.

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Creativity, Groove and Inspiration: Hauswife-DiStant [Lofi House/ Oldsсhool House]

фото девушки диджея Hauswife

A peek into the backwater world of music styles, where old sounds find new life. “DiStant” is a Lofi house track played on the strings of an old Nintendo DS. Here, behind the screen of sound plaid, is the consummate musician, DJ and artist – Hauswife.

Hauswife is not only a musician, but also a sound artist, a DJ, an explorer of old sounds and innovative tunes. Her sound is house imbued with the warmth of nostalgia and a fascination with vintage samples. Like a virtuoso, she masterfully blends sultry vocal lines and introspective melodies with groove and pulsating bass.

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