‘Mint Tea’ by Lunoize [DeepTech/ Minimal]

Virtuoso performance by Belgian producer Lunoize, the track “Mint Tea” opens the door to the world of DeepTech/Minimal sounds, inviting the listener to immerse themselves in its epic atmosphere. From the very beginning, the intro captures the attention with its piercing synthesizer chords that seem to escort the listener into the immersive atmosphere of the track.

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‘FACE 2 FACE’ by Gio Lucca [TechHouse/ Minimal]

Scottsdale, Arizona based producer/DJ Gio Lucca makes us fall in love with TechHouse all over again by adding his original signature to it. His track “FACE 2 FACE” doesn’t just promise, but delivers the combination of aggression and energy that is consistently inherent in the classic TechHouse sound. The rhythmic intensity of the track leaves no chance for rest – it’s a real dance challenge.

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‘t.t.t.’ by Ranger Trucco [DeepHouse/ Minimal]

The track “t.t.t.” by Ranger Trucco is a real bomb on the house scene, packed with energy and sexuality. This producer embodied a bright and positive mood in Deep House and Minimal House sound.

Rich percussion mixed with a deep bass line give the track an unbridled fluidity. Ranger Trucco organically plays with rhythms, creating an atmosphere filled with positive energy and inviting to dance.

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‘Area Codes’ by Jeff Sorkowitz [TechHouse/ Minimal]

“Area Codes” by Brooklyn based DJ and producer, Jeff Sorkowitz, is a musical cocktail from the world of TechHouse / Minimal House. The track instantly grabs your attention with its sexy and energetic mood imbued with dark hues. It will easily infiltrate even the coldest dancefloor. Sorkowitz knows exactly how to create an atmosphere filled with sexual tension.

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‘Miss You’ by SAXONGROOVE [Minimal House]

SAXONGROOVE’s “Miss You” plunges into the realm of Minimal House/Tech House with a seasoned finesse that reflects their extensive journey in music production since 1997. Jason Guest and Richard Kerry, the duo behind SAXONGROOVE, have seamlessly merged their backgrounds, with Jason hailing from Burton-upon-Trent, UK, and currently residing in Hoole, Chester, while Richard, also from Burton-upon-Trent, made the move to Los Angeles in 2016.

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