‘User Entry’ by Anspect [Melodic House&Techno]

In the world of modern electronic music, the boundaries between styles are becoming more and more blurred, and artists are constantly going beyond the usual sonic concepts.

The track “User Entry” by the duo Anspect from France is an energetic combination of modern sounds with deep dusky atmosphere. Melodic House&Techno with Acid and break elements meet here.

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‘Colours in the Sky’ by Jono Stephenson ft. LUFS [Melodic Techno&House]

In the world of modern electronic music, where every new track is a distinctive exploitation of sounds and emotions, producers are faced with the challenge of standing out from the crowd and creating something truly memorable. In this context, the track “Colours in the Sky” from African producer Jono Stephenson and vocalist LUFS soars on the Melodic Techno&House wave, promising an inspiring musical immersion.

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‘Endorphins’ by PREXSE [Melodic Techno&House]

In the whirlwind of modern electronic music, a track imbued with the energy and admiration of the past stands out. “Endorphins” is a new creation by music architect PREXSE from Sydney, Australia. It combines trendsetting influences with the spirit of 90’s techno and trance. Progressive sequences are perfectly balanced, creating an atmosphere full of inner tension.

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‘Let Me In’ by MAZ’N [Melodic Techno&House]

MAZ’N, a talented musician from Germany, bursts forward with the track “Let Me In”. This “superpusher” is not just music, it’s an atmospheric immersion into the world of Melodic Techno&House, drenched in male vocals.

“Let Me In” is an electronic symphony in which the voice adds its own special touch, becoming an integral part of track and harmonizing with the other instruments.

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