‘Nixie’ by Dowden, Andreas Buhler [Progressive House]

In the world of Progressive House, every track is a unique journey. “Nixie” by Dowden and Andreas Buhler is no exception, as it opens up new horizons of this style for the listener. The track takes the listener into the dark corners of a nightclub. Penetrating sounds and mesmerizing harmonies are combined with the energy and movement of the dance floor. It is a composition that explores the balance between dark intensity and moderate rhythm, fitting into the context of modern club culture.

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‘Lazy Sunday’ by Paul Roux , In Anima [Progressive Breaks]

“Lazy Sunday” by Paul Roux and In Anima is an atmospheric piece that perfectly captures the spirit of Progressive Breaks . It combines a calm atmosphere and auditory experimentation that makes the listener fall into deep self-contemplation.
The rhythmic structure of the beat, unobtrusively kept in the background, creates the perfect foundation for thoughtful listening.

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‘Why Do I’ by Matt Fax & Maxim Lany ft. Cartouche [MelodicHouse&Techno]

Meet the new sonic embodiment of energy and epicness in the world of electronic music – “Why Do I”, a fresh track by the duo of Matt Fax and Maxim Lany with vocals by Cartouche. It’s not just a composition, it’s a sonic collision between two masters of the studio scene that combines the best aspects of Progressive House and Melodic House&Techno.

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‘Tabule’ by Yannick Mueller [Melodic House&Techno]

“Tabule” is an energetic and epic track that fills the space with Melodic House&Techno sound aesthetics. Author Yannick Mueller shows his desire for originality, saturating the track with a variety of spectacular sounds, but sometimes you can notice the influence of trendy ideas, which gives the track both a special charm and some predictability.

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‘Igray’ by Selderv (Remix by Steve Bug) [Progressive House]

Poker Flat Recordings label boss Steve Bug’s remix of Selderv’s “Igray” is an energetic take on the progressive sound with a unique techno influence.

With distinctive chords and percussion, the remix doesn’t just follow the Progressive House tradition but adds a fresh twist to it, creating a more intense rhythm reminiscent of techno drum beats.

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‘Grain De Sable’ by Ceas [Progressive/Deep House]

“Grain De Sable” by Ceas is the embodiment of Progressive/Deep House atmosphere in its most attractive manifestation. The track has deep and slow rhythms that immerse the listener in a state of flowing relaxation, characteristic of this style. It is built on the basis of characteristic pulsations of bass, which are complemented by exquisite piano melodies.

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