‘Vibration’ by Jenn Getz & Alfie [TechHouse]

Jenn Getz & Alfie present their new track “Vibration” on the Toolroom label, and it’s quite something! To begin with, this duo has already won over listeners with their signature sound that they mix in their TechHouse.

This duo doesn’t just follow trends, they create them, earning their place in the industry in a short period of time. “Vibration” is their Toolroom debut and they show that they deserve that spot.

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‘We Don’t Stop’ by Peter Lombos [ Minimal / Tech House]

Peter Lombos born in Hungary presents his debut track ‘We Don’t Stop’ – from the world of Minimal/Tech House.

Through a long journey in music, Peter has developed a unique sound that reflects his passion for house music since the 90’s. Here we see a professional DJ and producer whose musical life has left a mark.

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‘Groove Bar23’ by Ascension [Tech House]

“Groove Bar23” by Ascension is an exciting Tech House track that combines jackin elements with technically oriented production and unique vocals. This track was released on Housetribe Recordings (JP) as part of the “Amsterdam Dance Event Session Album”, which in itself speaks for its outstanding quality and relevance in the world of club music.

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