‘When You Gonna’ by illyus & Barrientos [House/TechHouse]

Scottish duo Illyus & Barrientos are back on Toolroom Records with “When You Gonna”. From the first seconds you can feel the signature: sexy atmosphere, positive mood and a driving beat.

Toolroom Records is really a hit factory in the world of dance music, steadily continuing its influence and dictating trends in the genres of house and techno.

And the new track “When You Gonna” by illyus & Barrientos in House/TechHouse style fits into the label’s catalog with impeccable precision, offering listeners another spectacular work that can blow up dancefloors around the world.

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‘Am I Even Here’ by Bartella [Melodic House&Techno]

Bartella, a DJ and producer from UK, presents Am I Even Here, a track immersing in an energetic yet sad and dark space within the Melodic House&Techno style.

Modern sounds are combined with melancholic piano melodies and vocal samples. Roland Clarke, whose voice is familiar to house lovers, reads poetry, to which Bartella skillfully weaves captivating percussion rhythms and complex harmonies.

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‘So Dangerous’ by Harpoon, Needs No Sleep, Tae [TechHouse]

Harpoon, Needs No Sleep and Tae have teamed up to deliver So Dangerous – an uncompromising TechHouse track, the epitome of a venturesome and energetic spirit.

The track fully reflects the best traditions of TechHouse, leaving no doubt in its professional development. Acid elements presence gives the composition sharpness and additional dynamics, which is characteristic for modern sound in this style.

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