‘Big Busta’ by Low Steppa, Jewel Kid [TechHouse]

Toolroom label continues to be a factory for releasing club hits in House, TechHouse style. Toolroom consistently delivers quality releases, and “Big Busta” by duo Low Sterrai and Jewel Kid is no exception. This track is further proof of the high level of production and professionalism they maintain.

“Big Busta” is a true club weapon. It is designed for big venues and loud speakers. This is a track that will be played in DJ sets all over the world, warming up the crowd to the max. Play it right now!

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‘Crows Nest’ by Andromo, Jared Love [Minimal/DeepTech]

When you play “Crows Nest” by Andromo and Jared Love, you immediately realize that what you are looking at is a masterfully mixed track in the styles of Minimal and DeepTech. It is both dynamic and sad, creating a unique atmosphere that will surely be remembered for a long time.

Let’s dive into the world of “Crows Nest” right now and feel all the energy and melancholy it brings.

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‘Got You Trippin’ by Drew Dapps, Leon the Lover [Minimal/Deep]

Track “Got You Trippin” by the duo of Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover showcases classic Minimal/Deep House. The collaborative work of the two masters of minimalism has infused the track with a refined atmosphere and signature rhythm. It is dominated by relaxed, positive vibes with a subtle touch of sexiness.

The bass line is simple and elastic, creating the foundation for the entire track. Its pulsation sets a steady groove that is easy to catch and pleasant to move to. Sub-bass gently cuts through the mix without overloading the low frequencies, which is exactly how it should be in Minimal/Deep House.

Dive into the atmosphere of relaxed vibes and sophisticated rhythm – turn on “Got You Trippin” by Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover right now!

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‘Funk Hauser’ by Mij Mack [Minimal/DeepTech House]

“Funk Hauser” by Mij Mack is an energetic and positive track that fits perfectly within the Minimal/DeepTech House style. From the first bars you can feel a moderate sexuality, which gives the track a special appeal.

Mij Mack once again demonstrates his skill in creating an exquisite rhythm. The bass line is clear and deep, but not overloaded, which is an important element in the genre. It sets the main groove, which is organically combined with minimalistic percussion elements. The drumming is tight and confident, with a precise attacking character that allows it to hold the rhythm with confidence.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of “Funk Hauser” by Mij Mack – play the track and enjoy its exquisite rhythm right now!

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‘Metanoia’ by No Parachute ft. P.Rivas [Organic House]

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of deep self-discovery with “Metanoia” by No Parachute and P.Rivas. This Organic House style track builds on a mild tempo and offers an epic and moody mood. Metanoia, meaning a profound change in consciousness, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the track. Here, the fiery emotions of Spanish music harmonize with modern electronic house rhythms.

Listen to “Metanoia” right now and share your impressions!

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‘People (Club Mix)’ by Magnetic Machines [House/Chicago House]

“People (Club Mix)” by the duo Magnetic Machines is a nostalgic journey back to the heyday of house music, when Chicago dictated music trends. The track puts you in a positive and relaxed mood, immersing you in a mix of old-school soul and funk with touches of nu-disco. It’s a combination of styles that is truly breathtaking.

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‘Burst Of Silence’ by Age Of Luv [DeepTech House]

In the world of electronic music, DeepTech House has always been a mysterious and alluring style, capable of capturing and taking you into the acoustic abyss. “Burst Of Silence” by Age Of Luv is a new spin on this exciting journey.

Combining dark, moody vibes with danceable energy, the track offers listeners an exceptional experience. It calls us into its mystical world of sounds

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