‘Real Light’ by LEDNA [Melodic House&Techno]

“Real Light” by LEDNA is an example of competent fusion of Melodic Techno and House. The track stands out for its emotional depth, while maintaining vigor and structural clarity.

The basis of the track is a powerful, pulsating bass. It is reminiscent of Stephan Bodzin and Maceo Plex. The bass line confidently keeps the listener in suspense, creating a foundation for the rest of the elements. It’s a well thought out choice for a style where every detail matters.

Play “Real Light” by LEDNA and feel all the power and emotional depth of Melodic Techno & House!

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‘Why Do I’ by Matt Fax & Maxim Lany ft. Cartouche [MelodicHouse&Techno]

Meet the new sonic embodiment of energy and epicness in the world of electronic music – “Why Do I”, a fresh track by the duo of Matt Fax and Maxim Lany with vocals by Cartouche. It’s not just a composition, it’s a sonic collision between two masters of the studio scene that combines the best aspects of Progressive House and Melodic House&Techno.

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‘Tabule’ by Yannick Mueller [Melodic House&Techno]

“Tabule” is an energetic and epic track that fills the space with Melodic House&Techno sound aesthetics. Author Yannick Mueller shows his desire for originality, saturating the track with a variety of spectacular sounds, but sometimes you can notice the influence of trendy ideas, which gives the track both a special charm and some predictability.

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‘Ahora’ by Aura, La Sabrosura, Tayson Kriss [Tribal / Afro House]

“Ahora,” new track by the trio of producers Aura, La Sabrosura and Tayson Kriss, is an electrifying fusion of tribal and afro house.

The track is like a whirlwind that intertwines cultural influences and musical traditions from three different corners of the world. Aura from Naples, La Sabrosura from the Caribbean and Tayson Kriss of Spanish origin, have combined their talents to create something truly exciting.

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