Techno Rhythms 2023: Fresh Sounds and Upcoming Tracks – DVIZHIZN #6

танцующая под техно музыку девушка

Welcome to a new episode of Valera Unusov’s techno music podcast, full of fresh sounds and exclusive previews. It will leave you enthralled from start to finish. You will be immersed in a wave of innovation and energy, and have an unforgettable musical experience. A unique combination of abstract sounds and deep bass, it is full of energy and continuous movement. Welcome to other worlds of techno music.

The opening episode delves into a deep techno atmosphere with the track “There Is No Sound in Space,” scheduled for release this July. It carries hypnotic melodies and energetic rhythms with a psychedelic character, creating the illusion of the unfathomable space of space.

Also in the episode, he shares exclusive preview tracks – Pan El Diablo “Frozen Ground”, “That is 1:10AM” and “Dreamland Kak-Tak” .

Track list
1. Valera Unusov – There Is No Sound in Space ( RELEASE 07-07-2023 )
2. KMYLE – Trajectory
3. Valera Unusov – That is 1:10AM ( SOON )
4. B. Riley – Draw The Line
5. KMYLE – High Slide
6. Valera Unusov – Dreamland Kak-Tak ( SOON )
7. Jen Series – 10am
8. Flug – Forward Direction
9. Uncertain – Blame
10. Ignez, Rødhåd – VERMILLION 03 [220208.2] 11. hinkina – Rotative entities
12. Kashpitzky – Hyper Cut
13. Piotr Figiel, Umba – Supernova
14. Dubfade – Feels Like Home
15. Pan El Diablo – Frozen Ground (RELEASE 16-06-2023)

Spotify playlist – Progressive, Melodic, Deep House and Techno

Spotify playlist has a lot of fresh DJ – tested tracks!

The best new tracks of the week, selected by the editors and collected in our Best Spotify playlist – Prog Melodic Indie!

Spotify playlist

Progressive house, House music, Indie dance, Tech House, Melodic House, Techno and more…

Allies for Everyone, Facundo, Mohrr Miyagi, Valdovinos, Marc DePulse, Rafael Cerato, Space Motion, Bawrut, Kapibara, Adam Port feat Bell Towers, Makebo, Yotto, Mind Against, Tocadisco,Aves Volare, Rafael Cerato, Alma Negra, Crackzat, Outcome, Zealx, Drew Dapps, Etzu Mahkayah, Deividas Bagdanov, Tomy Wahl

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‘Intentional Aggression’ by ORYMA [ Techno/ Hard Techno]

“Intentional Aggression” by ORYMA is a musical assault on your mind. Powerful kick, characteristic of Hard Techno, awakens the inner raver. It fills the space with aggressive energy. Synthesizer riffs add a characteristic futuristic touch to the track. The producer from Italy does not deal with decent electronics, he creates a sound that breathes aggression and intentionality.

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‘Mekanik’ by Emotive Collapse [Techno Music]

Emotive Collapse, Italian producer, presents the track “Mekanik”, a true orgasm for fans of Hypnotic Techno. With this musical guide you will dive into the world of malfunctioning mechanisms and nostalgia for 8-bit games.

It feels as if mechanical artifacts are merging into a psychedelic symphony. It’s not just a track, it’s an immersive sonic labyrinth where insistent beats collide with rough, glitchy sounds to create a hypnotic atmosphere.

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‘Honest’ by Lost Prince feat. Undrwvter [Melodic Techno & House]

Lost Prince and Undrwvter created the track “Honest”, opening the gateway to the world of Melodic Techno & House. An atmospheric soundscape that plunges the listener into the depths of electronic music aesthetics.

The track feels like a techno rhythm imbued with melodic vibes. It’s not just beats, but music that has a hypnotic power, making the body react to every bass beat.

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‘Vibration’ by Jenn Getz & Alfie [TechHouse]

Jenn Getz & Alfie present their new track “Vibration” on the Toolroom label, and it’s quite something! To begin with, this duo has already won over listeners with their signature sound that they mix in their TechHouse.

This duo doesn’t just follow trends, they create them, earning their place in the industry in a short period of time. “Vibration” is their Toolroom debut and they show that they deserve that spot.

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‘More Control Over Nothing’ by Balthasar Freitag [ LoFi /Acid House]

Balthasar Freitag’s track “More Control Over Nothing” immerses us in a sonic journey that seamlessly blends the contemporary glitch electronics with a nostalgic touch of 90s Acid House. Freitag, hailing from the tranquil Swiss mountains, brings forth a musical narrative shaped by his experiences in the vibrant Zurich scene.

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