Against the Time EP by Eins.Zwo.Drei [Peak Time / Driving Techno]

Two tracks in Peak Time / Driving Techno style, titled “Against the Time” and “Broken Strings”, shed light on the epic and obscurantist mood that lurks within them. These works are the creative “babies” of Eins.Zwo.Drei, a talented DJ and producer from Cologne, Germany. Energy and mysterious darkness intertwine in every beat, creating a whirlwind of incredible sensations for the audience.

абстракция в виде паутины, обложка альбома

Artist: Eins.Zwo.Drei
Title: Against the Time EP
Genre: Electronic
Style: Peak Time / Driving Techno

Against the Time

When it comes to music that is all about powerful drive, both tracks embody the essence of this style. In “Against the Time” Eins.Zwo.Drei decided to back up his track with the sounds of a mechanical clock. This unusual solution adds a special intrigue and tension, as if the time goes inexorably forward, and the techno beat raises the audience on a wave of emotions. Imagine a dark dance space covered with foggy veils, where the rhythm of this composition is like the sound of a beating heart.

Eins.Zwo.Drei – Against the Time

Broken Strings

“Broken Strings”, on the other hand, introduces orchestral motifs of synthesizers. It’s like a meeting of two worlds: heavy techno rhythms and elegant orchestral instruments. This symbiotic atmosphere creates the illusion of strings breaking and finding their harmony again, symbolizing our struggle and the power within us. This track, sounding under the cover of night, calls to itself like a magnet and pushes even the most hardened club gurus to the dance floor.

Eins.Zwo.Drei – Broken Strings

However, despite the individual characteristics of each composition, both tracks follow the classic structure of techno tracks. Starting with the drum and elements typical for the genre lead the listener to ecstasy, and then organically flow into deep bass and mesmerizing arpeggios. It’s like a journey through the darkness of the night and inner feelings that cannot be conveyed in words.

“Against the Time” and “Broken Strings” are exactly the kind of tracks that rise to the peak of excitement at the peak time of the night. Eins.Zwo.Drei masterfully blends musical elements and creates an atmosphere that penetrates through the skin and leaves a mark on the soul. These pieces are a great addition to the techno world, and they clearly deserve a place in your playlists.

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