Best Techno Playlists on Spotify: from Hypnotic to Detroit

Music playlists on the Spotify platform have become an integral part of music culture. For fans of electronic music, particularly techno music, there is an abundant selection of curated playlists that can take listeners through a variety of techno sounds. In this article, we take a look at some of the best curated playlists representing Hypnotic, Detroit, Hard and other styles of techno on Spotify.

Curated by true connoisseurs of quality and regularly updated with new releases from a variety of artists, the playlists create the perfect music space for all electronic music fans. From big names to rising stars, these playlists bring together the genre’s most vibrant and innovative sounds. The curators of the playlists aim to introduce listeners to the most relevant tracks and new names in the world of techno. This keeps the playlists always fresh and exciting.

Since its inception, electronic techno music has never stopped evolving and surprising with its variety of sounds. The best curated techno playlists on Spotify range from Acid to Peak Time/ Driving sounds. Choose the one that matches your preferences and embark on an exciting musical journey.

1.ACID & TECHNO – Selected by Analog Experience

Acid lines and a true underground vibe is what awaits you in the ACID & TECHNO playlist. This playlist will open before you the world of TB-303 and ACID techno sounds, embodying the spirit of experimentation and non-conformism.


The highest underground techno music quality mix, which is created for real techno and rave culture enthusiasts. This playlist contains dynamic, energetic and atmospheric techno tracks that will make your heart beat to the rhythms.


Immerse yourself in the world of techno with a touch of darkness with the “In The DARK” playlist. These tracks are bursting with industrial sounds, deep bass and an electric charge, creating an awesome atmosphere. Suitable for fans of dark and extreme experiences. The mix is a combination of dark and dynamic techno that will not leave you indifferent.

4.TECHNO 7E7 by Asora

World of techno with the classic mood of this playlist. Experience pulsating bass, sounds of clanking iron and deep atmospheres intertwined with original harmonies. This playlist is made for true connoisseurs of techno vibes, offering an intense, raw and hypnotic sound that weaves into the dark atmosphere of your evening.

5. Heavy Bass Techno

The true test of your audio system . Composed of powerful techno tracks with an emphasis on deep and resonating bass, this playlist is designed to excite your speakers and test their power. Here, each track features a powerful bass line that builds sonic pressure and energizes.

6. Other_Techno

Discover unconventional and interesting tracks from the world of techno that will bring something special to your listening experience. Enjoy unexpected rhythms and exciting soundscapes that will take you to uncharted musical spaces. “Other Techno” is for those who are ready to explore new facets of electronic music and open themselves up to unusual musical experiences.

7. Detroit Techno – Selected by Analog Experience

Detroit is considered the birthplace of techno, and this playlist will allow you to dive into the classic sound of the genre. Here you will find tracks from different producers with the characteristic sound and spirit of Detroit techno.

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