‘Burst Of Silence’ by Age Of Luv [DeepTech House]

In the world of electronic music, DeepTech House has always been a mysterious and alluring style, capable of capturing and taking you into the acoustic abyss. “Burst Of Silence” by Age Of Luv is a new spin on this exciting journey.

Combining dark, moody vibes with danceable energy, the track offers listeners an exceptional experience. It calls us into its mystical world of sounds

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Age Of Luv
Title: Burst Of Silence
Genre: Electronic
Style: DeepTech House.


Rhythmically, the track has a moderate tempo that creates the perfect combination for club environments and home listening. The rhythm section, featuring deep percussion and light percussion elements, keeps the track moving and energetic. Reminiscent of the work of artists such as Maceo Plex or Adriatique.

The track confidently builds atmosphere with deep basslines, abstract synthesizer passages and timeless sound effects. This sonic palette seems to lead the listener captive, drawing the listener into a mystical immersion. But what makes this musical experiment even more exciting? It is the hypnotic male voice that masterfully intertwines with the soundscape. It creates a sense of harmony, mesmerizing the imagination.

“Burst Of Silence” by Age Of Luv leaves a mark that is hard to forget. This track not only offers listeners a musical immersion into the world of DeepTech House. But also invites us on a journey into uncharted sonic expanses.

Age Of Luv – Burst Of Silence [DeepTech House]

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