‘Crank’ by Alex Stein – [PeakTime/ Driving Techno]

An energetic and aggressive mood with an epic touch describes the track Crank by Brazilian-Bavarian wunderkind Alex Stein. This track is undoubtedly a perfect example of PeakTime/Driving Techno style, which has become a trademark of this producer.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Alex Stein
Title: Crank
Genre: Electronic
Style: PeakTime/ Driving Techno

Hypnotic synthesizer riffs create an atmosphere that is impossible to resist. They not only attract attention, but also lead the listener to peak moments. Filling with pure techno ecstasy.

In addition, one of the most impressive aspects of the track is its bridge section. Here Alex Stein demonstrates his ability to get the dancefloor going to the max. It creates tension, which inevitably breaks in a powerful choral return to the main theme of the track.

However, despite the enthusiasm evoked by Crank. Inevitably there is a sense of decorum that we have heard before in other works. The track, while making a strong impression with its energy and power, is not innovative enough in its sound to completely stand out from the crowd in the current PeakTime/ Driving Techno scene.

For example, hypnotic synthesizer riffs and powerful percussion, although they create an exciting atmosphere, they are largely predictable and don’t contribute much to the diversity of the style.

As a result, Crank epitomizes the characteristic PeakTime/Driving Techno sound and showcases Alex Stein’s mastery of musical composition. But it doesn’t offer enough innovation to be a truly memorable and inspiring track in the long run.

Alex Stein – Crank [PeakTime/ Driving Techno]

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