Creativity, Groove and Inspiration: Hauswife-DiStant [Lofi House/ Oldsсhool House]

A peek into the backwater world of music styles, where old sounds find new life. “DiStant” is a Lofi house track played on the strings of an old Nintendo DS. Here, behind the screen of sound plaid, is the consummate musician, DJ and artist – Hauswife.

Hauswife is not only a musician, but also a sound artist, a DJ, an explorer of old sounds and innovative tunes. Her sound is house imbued with the warmth of nostalgia and a fascination with vintage samples. Like a virtuoso, she masterfully blends sultry vocal lines and introspective melodies with groove and pulsating bass.

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Artist: Hauswife
Title: DiStant
Genre: Electronic
Style: Lofi House/ Oldschool House

Melbourne parties are enveloped in the magic of her music. Hauswife is a resident at clubs such as New Guernica, Glamorama, Curious Bar, XE54 and ATET. Her sets are a journey through time through sounds. She creates an atmosphere where the sounds of ancient gameboy consoles and eclectic shimmers of electronic motifs reside.

Her music is not just sounds, it is a complex interplay of harmony and theory. Her dynamic sets are like a whirlwind of energy that transports the audience into a different reality. Hauswife creates not just tracks, she creates journeys where every beat is a new discovery.

In Hauswife’s art, Lofi House takes on new facets and classic house is infused with a fresh breath of old sounds. It is a sound that leaves a trace in the listener’s soul and draws him into a world of emotions and rhythms, a world where the old becomes new and the new is imbued with the spirit of eternity.

Hauswife – DiStant

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