Elkin & Roman Sheronov Dj video Two Years of Asia Expirience Fantomas

A popular venue in Moscow for night dancing (Night club) Fantomas Rooftop. B2B Dj set opening by Elkin & Roman Sheronov. Quality House Music (minimal, tech, deep).

Elkin & Roman Sheronov Two Years of Asia Expirience Fantomas Rooftop R_sound video

Location: “Fantomas Rooftop”, Moscow.

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Video broadcast: R_sound. Style: House, Tech, Minimal, Deep

Elkin Dj set video house music
Elkin DJ

Igor Yolkin, professionally known as DJ Elkin, is a Russian DJ and music producer.
Elkin’s professional career began in 1999.
Having reached the pinnacle of mastery in the work of a DJ and gaining his own corporate identity,
Igor decided to use his experience and knowledge to create his own tracks.

His own musical tastes have been shaped by artists such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, And One, Camouflage, Echomen.
Currently, he prefers genres such as: tech house, progressive house and deep house, techno progressive.

He was never afraid to use unusual and strange sounds, mix genres and styles, he looks ahead and thinks that the idea of ​​mixing genres (a couple of styles and genres in one track) will be popular in the future.
Spending as much time as possible to music, Igor never ceases to amaze fans of electronic music with the results of his work. Currently, Igor lives and works in Moscow. For the last few years, in winter Igor has been living and working in Thailand on the island of Phangan and in India, the state of Goa.

Resident of the SUNVIBES electronic music festivals in the Altai Mountains and BUTTERFLY FESTIVAL on Lake Aya in the Altai Mountains, music director and resident of BUTTERFLY FESTIVAL, music director and resident of the Phangan Family Community, music director and resident of the ORBITA project Community (Moscow / Koh Phangan / Goa). resident Emotional Noise Record Label / Proton L.L.C. (California, USA). The Asia Experience events organized by Igor in Moscow, on the roof of Chateau De Fantomas Rooftop (Moscow) and Gazgolder club, in Goa (India) and Koh Phangan (Thailand), are known not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Roman Sheronov Dj set house music video
Roman Sheronov

Roman Sheronov is a Russian-born talent whose lifelong affection for music paved the path to the decks.

Roman’s colourful versatile preferences in music are a magnet for a diverse pool of punters from Berlin techno fans across to ocean deep progressive. Roman resides in a number of high flight Moscow clubs along with clubs in the Middle and Far East. His talent shone bright at some big name festivals:
GEM Fest 2017 (Georgia), On AIR 2018 (Kazakhstan) , Sun Burn 2019 (India, GOA).

Roman is resident DJ at Bar MIR (Koh Phangan), Re:Fresh Club (India, GOA).

Roman is often times heard saying that his true inspiration came from the British progressive house at the break of the Millennium. Those emotional vibes bringing people together on the dance floor are serving as a motto for Roman’s art throughout his career in music.
Roman is never cast in stone regarding his homework sets, instead he tunes up to here-and-now mood on the floor in his choice of what he will be playing. His sets come as a surprise full of bright and positive creations taking the audience to a fairytale sewn into the fabric of music.

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