‘End Of The Beginning’ by Sevenn [Melodic Techno & House]

Sevenn’s debut on Future House Music, “End Of The Beginning,” is a dark and melodic techno gem with an epic mood and infectious energy. The California-based artist crafts an underground sound, infusing the track with shimmering melodies, a pulsating bassline, and haunting synthesizers, creating an otherworldly and ominous sonic landscape.

обложка трека , розовый круг на черном фоне

Artist: Sevenn
Title: End Of The Beginning
Genre: Electronic
Style: Melodic Techno & House

Opening with mesmerizing melodies, Sevenn skillfully incorporates a rhythmic, undulating bassline and resonant synths, giving the track an ethereal and brooding quality. The otherworldly vocals in “End Of The Beginning” complement the sonic tone, at times looping to symbolize the cycle of life and death that inspired Sevenn during the track’s creation.

As the track progresses, you’re left contemplating whether the beginning is the end or if the end marks a new beginning. Sevenn’s recent collaborations with Silver Panda, ASHER SWISSA, Goom Gum, Laidback Luke, and others showcase his versatility and evolution as an artist.

“End Of The Beginning” was conceived in a unique setting – at his mother’s house on the central coast of California. Sevenn shares that he set up his laptop and studio outdoors, gazing at the moonrise. The song emerged from contemplations on life, death, cycles, and the Ouroboros, reflecting the tension within the infinite cycle and the dragon devouring its own tail. It’s a musical journey where death begets life, and the track encapsulates the profound inspiration drawn from the cold moonrise.

Sevenn’s production transcends boundaries, fusing progressive techno elements with a touch of melancholy and introspection. “End Of The Beginning” is not just a track; it’s a sonic exploration of the enigmatic realms of life and death, leaving a lasting impression with its atmospheric allure and thought-provoking narrative.

Sevenn – End Of The Beginning [Melodic Techno & House]

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