‘Enter Nyx’ by Jessica Skye [DeepHouse]

Enter Nyx, a new creative challenge by Jessica Skye, breaks into the world of Deep House, offering us a romantic mood intertwined with an energetic atmosphere. This track is an unusual combination of the soothing nature of yoga and the high energy of dance music.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Jessica Skye
Title: Enter Nyx
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House

“I’m literally holding a space for people to relax, release and move to the music.
For me, music is such a powerful tool to reset yourself, whether it’s in a flow or on the dancefloor, so I really want to create that feeling with my new single and album.”

Jessica Skye

The groove in Enter Nyx is deep and melodic, with a lively bassline that smoothly keeps the track moving. Percussion elements add drive and rhythm to the track, giving it the energy needed for dance immersion. They evoke an inescapable desire to move to the beat. In this respect, Jessica Skye demonstrates her skill in creating not only beautiful but also danceable compositions.

Intertwined with hypnotic strings of melodies, reveals to the listener a musical journey. A deep melodic groove becomes the foundation of the composition upon which all elements are built.

Jessica Skye, a yoga instructor by day and DJ by night, turns her experience into art. She creates music that explores the boundaries between calm and movement, relaxation and ecstasy.

However, despite the obvious moments of strong impact, the track can feel a little unbalanced at some points. The use of many sounds and structures at once can make it feel chaotic.

Overall, Enter Nyx is an exciting journey combining the spiritual and the dance, illustrating Jessica Skye’s creative approach to music and yoga.

Jessica Skye – Enter Nyx [DeepHouse]

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