‘Got You Trippin’ by Drew Dapps, Leon the Lover [Minimal/Deep]

Track “Got You Trippin” by the duo of Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover showcases classic Minimal/Deep House. The collaborative work of the two masters of minimalism has infused the track with a refined atmosphere and signature rhythm. It is dominated by relaxed, positive vibes with a subtle touch of sexiness.

The bass line is simple and elastic, creating the foundation for the entire track. Its pulsation sets a steady groove that is easy to catch and pleasant to move to. Sub-bass gently cuts through the mix without overloading the low frequencies, which is exactly how it should be in Minimal/Deep House.

Dive into the atmosphere of relaxed vibes and sophisticated rhythm – turn on “Got You Trippin” by Drew Dapps and Leon the Lover right now!

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Drew Dapps, Leon the Lover
Title: Got You Trippin
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal / Deep House.


Percussion is concise and clear. The kick is smooth, dry, without excessive sustaining, which is typical for the genre. Hats and claps are placed with millisecond accuracy, adding airiness and space to the track. There is no room for randomness in this track – every sound has its place, and you can feel it in the mixing.

The melodic component plays an important role. Sunny bright chords create a feeling of warmth and serenity. Pads gently envelope the space, making the soundbuffer wide and deep. Spatial processing, reverb and duel, are used very moderately and carefully. This gives the sounds volume without overloading the overall mix.

Vocal samples and syncopated elements add a funky touch. They are implemented in the track so that they do not distract from the main rhythm, but only emphasize it. That’s what Minimal is all about – nothing superfluous, everything is to the point.

“Got You Trippin” is a quality example of how you can combine minimalism and deep house. This track is the perfect choice for relaxed parties and morning sets. Simple, but mesmerizing composition will not leave fans of the genre indifferent.

Drew Dapps, Leon the Lover – Got You Trippin [Minimal/Deep House]

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