‘Groove Bar23’ by Ascension [Tech House]

“Groove Bar23” by Ascension is an exciting Tech House track that combines jackin elements with technically oriented production and unique vocals. This track was released on Housetribe Recordings (JP) as part of the “Amsterdam Dance Event Session Album”, which in itself speaks for its outstanding quality and relevance in the world of club music.

абстракция в виде паутины, обложка альбома

Artist: Ascension
Title: Groove Bar23
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House

“Groove Bar23” has a distinctive Tech House beat that has unequivocally won the hearts of club gourmets. The beat is the backbone of the entire composition and it certainly gives the track its characteristic groove.

Ascension has incorporated jackin elements into this track, which gives it a unique retro charm. Jackin is a style that has become famous for its fun and incendiary rhythms, and “Groove Bar23” really successfully combines them with modern Tech House sounds.

The exceptional appeal of this track is the vocals, which are amazingly woven into the sound of the track. The author of this unique vocal is a professional yoga instructor, whose voice, recorded during her class, gives the track a completely unique character. Her calm and inspiring voice creates a contrast with the energetic music, and thus an atmosphere unique in its nature is formed.

Ascension has been working on “Groove Bar23” for several years, and it is evident in every detail of the composition. Careful mixing, elaborate groove and “bright” vocals make it perfect for dance sets in clubs and festivals.

Overall, “Groove Bar23” is a great example of modern Tech House, which combines the best elements of different styles and presents them in a bright and energetic performance. It definitely deserves the attention of all fans of club music.

Ascension – Groove Bar23 [Tech House]

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