Guest mix by Santiago Alamo: Voyage to the World of Melodic Techno and House

Dear music friends, today we have a special guest from the picturesque expanses of Argentina – music producer Santiago Alamo! Get ready for 60 minutes of exciting sonic immersion into the world of melodic techno and house, embodied by his creative style.

Meet Santiago Alamo:

In 2017, Santiago immersed himself in the world of music, conquering it with synthesizers and timbres. Having trained at five renowned institutions, he is confidently moving towards excellence, inspired by the great masters at every turn. Today Santiago is based in Neuquén, continuing to push the boundaries of his creativity and shaping his unique sonic signature.

Audio Voyage and Exclusive Preview:

Santiago’s music is filled with the energy of the future and a love of craft. His tracks are a reflection of the beauty in life, combining technological innovation and the human soul. In this mix Santiago also presents his new track that will see the light of day on 02/16/2024 on our label.

Join us and dive into a world of melodic house & techno music created with love and passion, driven by Santiago Alamo. His sounds are more than just music, they are a journey inside yourself, an immersion in beauty and emotion. Welcome to a musical adventure with Santiago Alamo!

Track list:

  1. Adriatique, Marino Canal – All I Ever Wanted
  2. SOEL – Shadows That We Cast
  3. Miss Monique, ASHER SWISSA, SANDHAUS – Electric
  4. Space Motion, Silver Panda – Stranger
  5. Innellea – The Awakening – Five Phases Project
  6. Goom Gum – Evolution
  7. Disfreq – Flame
  8. Vincent Vossen – 2745
  9. Final Request – Fly Without Wings
  10. SOEL – Fission
  11. GEMINIS – Angel
  12. Ian Ludvig – Almost Human
  13. Santiago Alamo – Consequence Of Time
  14. TERIAKI – Cyber Future
  15. Joachim Pastor – Green Washer

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