‘In My Room’ by Dombresky ft. SHELLS (VIP Mix) [House]

“In My Room” by Dombresky with vocals by SHELLS is a true fire on the dance floor in the Old-school House style. It brings to life the classic sounds of this style inspired by the legends of the 90’s.

The track is truly energizing, just like the first rays of the sun revitalize your morning or like a bright light after a cloudy day. It carries a genuine positivity that makes the dance floor explode with energy.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Dombresky ft. SHELLS
Title: In My Room (VIP Mix)
Genre: Electronic
Style: House / Old-school House

The work is characterized by a perfect balance of melodies and rhythm, which makes it easy to remember and pleasant to listen to. Melodic riffs and SHELLS’ sensual female vocals complement each other, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and danceable delight.

Released under Insomniac Records, the track inevitably tops the dance charts due to its universal appeal and timeless energy.

However, while the track is beautifully sustained and energetic, it can sometimes feel a little stuck in familiar house patterns, lacking the opportunity for bolder experimentation or innovation in sound.

Either way, Dombresky’s “In My Room” with SHELLS on vocals is a great example of how classic old-school house can sound modern and appealing while staying true to its roots.

Dombresky ft. SHELLS – In My Room (VIP Mix) [House]

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