‘Intentional Aggression’ by ORYMA [ Techno/ Hard Techno]

“Intentional Aggression” by ORYMA is a musical assault on your mind. Powerful kick, characteristic of Hard Techno, awakens the inner raver. It fills the space with aggressive energy. Synthesizer riffs add a characteristic futuristic touch to the track. The producer from Italy does not deal with decent electronics, he creates a sound that breathes aggression and intentionality.

обложка трека , механические детали

Artist: ORYMA
Title: Intentional Aggression
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno / Hard Techno

ORYMA, as an underground musician, does not follow conventional standards, but offers his own vision of hard techno. His quest for individuality makes his work unique, and “Intentional Aggression” is a testament to his musical unpredictability.

In every beat you can feel the intense work of the producer, carefully putting his passion for techno into the track. Indeed, the uncompromising, intense moments are a reminder that this track is a true product of the underground style.

“Intentional Aggression” doesn’t just sound, it attacks your auditory receptors with intentional aggression. ORYMA is not just a producer, he is the builder of a techno empire where every note is a brick in this incredible sonic edifice.

ORYMA – Intentional Aggression [ Techno music ]

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