MARCELLO video dj set [deep tech minimal melodic house] Re-Play

Video DJ set by MARCELLO, the set sounded at the atmospheric party “TONGSALA” on a board. Novosibirsk nature, Ob river. We watch and listen: minimal, deep, tech, house.

MARCELLO live dj set [deep tech minimal melodic house] “ТОНГСАЛА” boat party by Re_play community

Location: “TONGSALA”, Russia, Novosibirsk, Ob River.

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Video broadcast: R_sound. Style: Minimal House Deep house / Tech house..


Re_Play Community is now perceived by many as a brand (quality mark), the presence of which immediately makes it clear that the event will be held in a certain vein. The guys have achieved this by never binding themselves to a particular place, because in their history they arranged parties in most clubs (and not only) in Nsk, were not afraid to bring interesting Djs and musicians.

You can trust Re_Play with anything. They take on events of any scale and any budget: whether it is a presentation, an open air, a party or just a birthday party. They also deal with the booking of artists. All this is gained by experience, time and mutual understanding. They are one unit, without convention, frameworks, boundaries. Freedom and creativity in its purest form.


Marcello and Alex Luther are a unique DJ duo from Siberia, who have been organizing events under the brand “Re_Play Community” for more than 12 years. Co-founders of the sensational projects #GESH_HOUSE_MUSIC and Tongsala Vibes, as well as creators and residents of one of the most charismatic and underground DJ bars in Siberia – Stories dj bar.

Participants and organizers (2011-2015) of one of the legendary festivals Sunvibes in the Altai mountains. Residents of Highway Records parties in Moscow, frequent guests of Sanchez Thursdays at Propaganda and Mendeleev bar. Real house musicians, masters of improvisation and professionals in working with the dance floor. Excellent taste, understanding of each other accumulated over hundreds of sets. Always a quality sound – the hallmark of Re_Play community.

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