MAXX FEY DJ Live Set “MIX” Afterparty Asia Experience | R_sound video

Recording of Maxx Fey performance (melodic house, organic house, progressive house) in Moscow. DJ set video at a party organized by Asia Experience promo at “MIX” Afterparty.

MAXXFEY DJ Live Set МИКС Afterparty Asia Experience / Showcase R_sound video

Location: “Микс”afterparty, Moscow
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Video broadcast: R_sound
Genre: Electronic
Style: melodic house, organic house, progressive house

maxx fey video dj set
Maxx Fey

He began his career as a DJ in 1997, on the main dance floors of his native city of Yakutsk.
Was a resident of the top clubs in the city, such as:
“Eldorado”; Plasma; Stealth; “Helicopter”; “EuropeClub” ….
Founder of dj community “UDY” (United DJs of Yakutsk), as well as communities “PEOPLE” (@peoplecomfort) and “iFamily group”
He organized a lot of enchanting parties and electronic music festivals …

He performed in Moscow bars and clubs: “B-52”; “Highway”; “Story”; “Farm Dance”; “Logia Bar”; “Kalina Bar”; “THE BAR”; “The ARTIST”; “community”; “I Van Gogh”; “Fantomas Rooftop”; “High Bar”…

In 2016 organized underground parties in the heart of the club industry in San Diego (USA)
Since 2014, he has been performing annually at the underground venues of the Koh Phangan island.
Today, his favorite style of music is light, melodic and pleasant organic house, which has won the hearts of metropolitan parties and world arenas.
Listening to his sets, you are enveloped in all the delights of nature: the singing of birds, the fluttering of butterflies, the murmur of a stream, the sound of wind and waves…
It is as if you are endowed with magic and get the ability to fly through the clouds, dive into the deep sea world and be filled with extraordinary euphoria.
But sometimes, at the end of the set, he adds napalm and then you will definitely surpass yourself in the flames of the dance …

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