‘Metanoia’ by No Parachute ft. P.Rivas [Organic House]

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of deep self-discovery with “Metanoia” by No Parachute and P.Rivas. This Organic House style track builds on a mild tempo and offers an epic and moody mood. Metanoia, meaning a profound change in consciousness, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the track. Here, the fiery emotions of Spanish music harmonize with modern electronic house rhythms.

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: No Parachute ft. P.Rivas
Title: Metanoia
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic House.


Flamenco elements brought in by P.Rivas add depth. Fervent and expressive vocal parts create a contrast with the electronic base. This combination is organic and does not look strained. The listener feels the emotional tension characteristic of Spanish flamenco, which enhances the dramatic effect.

The transitions in the track are smooth. Using filters and delays create the illusion of continuous movement. All track elements flow smoothly into each other. There are no sudden jumps or unnecessary pauses.

The overall mix is clean and balanced. Vocal parts are well integrated into the overall picture without overlapping instruments. Mixing is done professionally. Every detail is in its place.

All in all, “Metanoia” deserves attention. It is an example of how you can combine traditional genres and modern trends. The track stands out for its emotional depth and quality production.

No Parachute ft. P.Rivas – Metanoia [Organic House]

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