“Naughty Pleasure” by Rodney Dinkles [Tech House/Minimal House]

Electronic music continues to dictate the rhythm of modern club culture, and one of the brightest newcomers to the world of Tech House and Minimal House is Rodney Dinkles. DJ and producer from Los Angeles. With his debut track “Welcome Dance” an incredible thing happened – he was signed to Dirtybird Records, a popular label founded by Claude VonStroke. This is a validation of not only his individual style, but also an appreciation of his talent in the industry.

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Artist: Rodney Dinkles
Title: Naughty Pleasure
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House / Minimal House

“Naughty Pleasure” is a total immersion into the world of Tech House and Minimal House with its distinctive groove and incredible soundscape. “Naughty Pleasure” is a prime example of how minimalistic elements can create a powerful and mesmerizing track. Rodney plays with a panoramic soundscape, creating a sense of space and movement even at the lowest frequencies. This is a technique characteristic of Minimal House, which when combined with the technical elements of Tech House creates a superb atmospheric backdrop.

The centerpiece of the track is the presence of a female whisper that beckons and draws the listener into a whirlwind of “naughty pleasure”. This element adds an erotic element to the track, characteristic of night dance floors and intimate atmospheres. The voice that keeps repeating “Naughty Pleasure” becomes a hypnotic motif that surrounds the listener and mesmerizes.
The main synthesizer theme appears in the second half of the track. Although it is not radically new, it adds extra atmosphere to the track and introduces variety.

Rodney Dinkles – Naughty Pleasure

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