‘Pipeline Analog’ by Lnt Mike [Acid Techno]

“Pipeline Analog” by Lnt Mike is a true acid techno “boom”. This track will blow you away with its powerful grooves and totally analog production. This is no place for computers, vintage machines like the iconic Roland TB-303 and TR-909 as well as the classic Lexicon Multi Effect Unit PCM-70 from the 80’s rule here.

абстракция в виде паутины, обложка альбома

Artist: Lnt Mike
Title: Pipeline Analog
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid Techno

Lnt Mike also sampled using an Akai MPC 2000 and synthesizers such as OBX, SH and Juno. The result is a full, multi-faceted experience where every sound breathes with analog energy.

To preserve the true magic of the machines, even the vocals were recorded on an old analog tape recorder. Mastering was done at Ballyhoo Analog Studio in the Netherlands, and pre-pressing was done on vinyl (AEXP-03A) at Deepgrooves (NL) pressing plant.

This track envelops you in an atmosphere of authentic acid ecstasy, transporting you to the depths of the night, to underground dancefloors where techno becomes a living thing, breathing and pulsing in time with your heartbeat. The sensations overwhelm you with powerful acidic vibes that outshine modern digital tracks. A true mast-head for connoisseurs of quality music and a return to the true roots of the electronic underground scene.

“Pipeline Analog” will take you back to the old school days, but with an updated and modern sound that even new age digital DJs will love.

Lnt Mike – Pipeline Analog [Acid Techno]

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