‘Sanity’ by Mauhin [Deep/ Progressive House]

“Sanity” by Mauhin from Germany is a track that inspires relaxation and a certain moody atmosphere typical of Deep/Progressive House. Despite this, it retains a rather danceable orientation, which makes it attractive to the club audience.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Mauhin
Title: Sanity
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep / Progressive House

Mauhin’s debut track really stands out from the crowd. The production here is top-notch, reflecting the author’s meticulous work on every sound and detail.

The original arrangement adds character and freshness to the track. For example, the intro using atmospheric pads and delicate percussion builds a mysterious ambient atmosphere that gradually unfolds into more energetic moments.

The consonances and harmonies deserve special attention – Mauhin skillfully uses chords and melodies, creating a deep and memorable soundscape.

However, despite its many merits, it can be noticed that at some points the track can lose a bit of tension, failing to maintain the listener’s constant interest. For example, long passages with a monotonous beat can create a sense of drag.

Overall, “Sanity” by Mauhin is a promising debut that shows a high level of skill in production and arrangement. The author’s ability to create atmosphere make it appealing to Deep/Progressive House lovers.

Mauhin – Sanity [Deep/ Progressive House]

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