‘So Dangerous’ by Harpoon, Needs No Sleep, Tae [TechHouse]

Harpoon, Needs No Sleep and Tae have teamed up to deliver So Dangerous – an uncompromising TechHouse track, the epitome of a venturesome and energetic spirit.

The track fully reflects the best traditions of TechHouse, leaving no doubt in its professional development. Acid elements presence gives the composition sharpness and additional dynamics, which is characteristic for modern sound in this style.

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Artist: Harpoon, Needs No Sleep, Tae
Title: So Dangerous
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse

The tight bassline, whipping drums and sticky melody are all in place.

  • The bass line feels powerful and deep, supporting the rhythm and adding the harmonic foundation needed to create a dynamic sounding track.
  • The scathing drum beats add confidence and rhythmic intensity, making the composition more fluid and lively on the dance floor.
  • The sticky melody arguably represents the main theme of the track, which hooks the listener and gives it a catchy feel, making the track perfect for playing in clubs and festivals.

In addition, the vocal samples are skillfully woven into the structure of the track, giving it a memorable character and making it more appealing to the audience. It’s a good technique that emphasizes the producers’ professionalism and their understanding of the audience.

The production is top-notch: the sound is clean, balanced, every element is in its place. However, there are a couple of issues. The development is a bit predictable, I would have liked more surprises. The drop is powerful, but it doesn’t stand out with much originality.

Overall, this track has all chances to become a reliable element in the arsenal of DJs and producers looking to revitalize dancefloors with their sets. It has enough potential to attract the attention of both experienced TechHouse music lovers and newcomers looking for something fresh and exciting.

It’s worth noting that the release of the track as part of the Toolroom Trax compilation shows its high quality and relevance to today’s club scene. “Leaders Of The New School 2024” is not only a collection of potential hits, but also an indicator of what talents are in the focus of the Toolroom label.

Harpoon, Needs No Sleep, Tae – So Dangerous [TechHouse]

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