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For most DJs to become known they have to produce and mix DJ set!

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Over a billion hours’ worth of videos is uploaded to the internet each and every day. You might fear that your music video, DJ Mix Set video will simply get lost among the crowd of thousands. It can become overwhelming to find a place where you can post your content, especially since there are so many choices to choose from.

Our channel specializes in this and already has over 10,000 target audiences. Be sure those who love it will listen.

We accept your music video and Dj Mix set video for publication on our channel. It’s 100% free! 

We are engaged in the promotion of underground electronic dance music. Be it an artist, producer or DJ. Send us your video and if we like it, we will add it to our YouTube chanel and share it on our community pages!

Before sending us your video, make sure:

  • Your track in style: House, Techno, Break ( Deep, Progressive, Melodic, Minimal and others …) 
  • NON EDM!
  • Previously, should not be published on YouTube!
  • You are subscribed to our YouTube chanel ! 

To send a video, you can use the form on the side panel or write to us by EMAIL

In the subject line, be sure to indicate “Submit Video”, the video must be uploaded to the cloud for free download and viewing!

The letter should contain links to your social media profiles and you DJ biography!

A DJ biography is simply a piece of text that introduces you as an artist, your background, your style of music, your accolades, your achievements what you’re currently doing and your future plans

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