‘Synthetic Light’ by Jared Goedhart [DeepHouse]

Producer Jared Goedhart from the Netherlands in his track “Synthetic Light” explores the dark nuances and tranquility characteristic of the Deep House genre. Dense layers of sound transport the listener into an atmosphere of mystical mystery.

This track is a kind of experiment in sound design, where every element, from ambient textures to hypnotic bass, serves as a piece of a mosaic puzzle, embodying the dark energy of Deep House. It envelops the listener in hazy shades of bleakness, creating a deep and relaxed mood.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Jared Goedhart
Title: Synthetic Light
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House

“Synthetic Light” is wonderfully balanced in its sound. The absence of distinct melodies is replaced by the signature abstract waves that create a special harmony. This allows the track to give the listener the freedom to interpret and dive into their own emotional inner spaces. The characteristic buzzing bass combined with ambient and ethereal soundscapes give the track a unique character.

“Synthetic Light” is clearly inspired by ambient music and ethereal sound experiments. As a result, the track offers the listener the opportunity to send their mind into the abysses of sound, allowing the body to dance freely. It becomes a guide to the deep waters of deep house, where emotional flesh combines with dance hypnosis.

Jared Goedhart – Synthetic Light [ DeepTech ]

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