‘Take Me With You’ by Jakke [ Progressive House ]

Jakke’s “Take Me With You” is a poignant odyssey in the world of Progressive House, the first stage of the author’s musical journey of this American producer.

The track skillfully mixes elements of melody and energy, characteristic of progressive house. Right from the first chords it confidently leads the listener into the rhythmic whirlpool.

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Artist: Jakke
Title: Take Me With You
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House

The combination of airy synthesizers and virtuoso percussion creates an atmosphere like a journey in the world of music. It is remarkable how Jakke plays with the mood of the track: moments of ecstasy are replaced by melodic interludes, which makes his music a true art.

“Take Me With You” is music that invites us to forget ourselves in the dance, to be in the moment, and, at the same time, it transports us to another world of fantasy and adventure. Jakke has certainly created something special that deserves the attention of Progressive House lovers.

Jakke – Take Me With You [ Progressive House ]

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