‘The BIG’ by Haddadi Von Engst [Progressive/ Tribal House]

Modern energetic track titled ‘The BIG’ by American duo of producers Haddadi Von Engst. Synthesis of Progressive and Tribal /Afro House styles, does not leave indifferent. The authors offer listeners original solutions, filled with epic mood and bright rhythmic textures.

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Artist: Haddadi Von Engst
Title: The BIG
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive/ Tribal House

The richly textured drum line, characteristic of Tribal /Afro House, instantly draws you into the dance. An organic blend of percussive elements creates a powerful tribal vibe that is an integral part of this track.

Breaks in ‘The BIG’ showcase original decisions that set this track apart from other works in the style. For example, the use of unexpected tonal shifts. Or the introduction of sharp sound effects, give the track a fresh and memorable character. This makes it attractive not only for fans of the style, but also for those who appreciate originality and experimentation in music.

Meanwhile, despite all its merits. In the second part of the track, you can notice that the balance between the elements could have been more precise. This breaks the overall impression of the composition a bit.

Overall, ‘The BIG’ by Haddadi Von Engst is an engaging and energetic track. It definitely deserves the attention of Progressive and Tribal Afro House music lovers. Its originality and powerful vibe will make it a great addition to a DJ’s set. Or a great choice for those looking for new sounds in the world of electronic music.

Haddadi Von Engst – The BIG [Progressive/ Tribal House]

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