‘War Cry’ by Sasson & Mont Rouge [Organic/ Melodic House]

Sasson and Mont Rouge present the long awaited release – “War Cry” in Organic/ Melodic House style. It promises to capture the audience with its dusky mood, mixed with aggression and experimentation. This track represents the synthesis of organic elements and melodic house, making it an essential component of the modern club scene.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Sasson & Mont Rouge
Title: War Cry
Genre: Electronic
Style: Organic / Melodic House

The build-up in the track is organized masterfully, especially the use of steel drums is noted, which gives the composition an Afro-melodic atmosphere. It creates a tense anticipation before the explosion of energy on the dance floor.

Sasson and Mont Rouge’s skill is evident in the original mix and skillful construction of the track. Their work attracts the attention of such notable artists as Camelphat, Pablo Fierro, Themba, Rivo, Nick Warren, which confirms the high level of production prowess.

However, despite all the positive aspects, it’s worth noting that moments of experimentation can sometimes seem a bit excessive, making it difficult for some listeners. Overall, “War Cry” leaves an impression of a strong track, but with a little bit of reserves in terms of balance between experimentation and accessibility for a wide audience.

Sasson & Mont Rouge – War Cry [Organic/ Melodic House]

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