‘A Capo’ by Chelina Manuhutu [TechHouse]

The track “A Capo” by Chelina Manuhutu embodies the essence of tech-house with a groovy bassline that becomes the foundation for the entire track. It accurately leads the listener through the sonic confusion created by rhythmic special effects and consonances.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Chelina Manuhutu
Title: A Capo
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse

Chelina Manuhutu, known as one of the most influential and interesting names in the Tech House world, demonstrates her strength and talent not only as a producer but also as a DJ. Her work is packed with a unique sound that combines the swagger of slashing basslines with a high level of groove.

The producer demonstrates in “A Capo” her unique ability to combine modern sound trends with classic tech-house elements. This track becomes a perfect example of her talent and strength in creating a quality sound. The track invariably draws the listener in and leads to a dance floor explosion.

Chelina Manuhutu – A Capo [TechHouse]

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