‘Get Up’ by Rod Carrillo & Ron Carroll [House]

The track “Get Up” by Rod Carrillo and Ron Carroll brings a positive and energetic mood typical of Chicago/Old-school House. Carrillo masterfully creates a classic house groove that is filled with lively rhythms and explosive chords like in his previous works. For example, in the track “Bajada” or “Alegre.” He skillfully puts elements of classic sound into a modern context, creating something recognizable yet fresh.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Rod Carrillo, Ron Carroll
Title: Get Up
Genre: Electronic
Style: Chicago / Old-school House

Ron Carroll adds lyrics to the track that instantly transport listeners to the atmosphere of Chicago House clubs. Every sound, every word is filled with the energy and tension of the dance floor. His verses like “The Sermon”, “Walking Down The Street” or “Brighter Day” give the track added depth and explosive emotionality.

Overall, the track “Get Up” perfectly captures the spirit and aesthetic of Chicago/Old-school House. It makes listeners remember the legendary clubs where this trend was born. And also to appreciate the high quality of production, characteristic for Rod Carrillo’s works.

Rod Carrillo & Ron Carroll – Get Up [House]

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