‘Alright’ by AN21, HIISAK, Able Faces (Matador Remix)

Matador’s remix of SIZE Records’ track “Alright” infuses a vibrant Afro-house energy into an exciting debut. Featuring the talents of AN21, HIISAK and Able Faces as well as Matador’s renowned expertise, this collaboration captivates with its incendiary vibes.

абстракция в виде паутины, обложка альбома

Artist: AN21, HIISAK, Able Faces
Remixer: Matador
Title: Feel It
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tribal / Afro House

The original track made waves in the summer of ’22, marking AN21’s exciting return to the electronic scene at Tomorrowland in Belgium. Now, with Matador at the helm, “Alright” experiences a revival, preserving the soul of its predecessor while introducing a refreshing, invigorating vibe. Matador, a maestro whose reputation has flourished over the past decade, is known for collaborations with esteemed artists like Artbat and Meduza, as well as memorable remixes of Depeche Mode and Oxia’s classic “Domino.”

“For Matador to remix ‘Alright’ is an incredible honor, especially since this track signifies my comeback. He managed to retain the heart of the track while infusing it with a new perspective that is simply mind-blowing.”

AN21 expresses excitement about the remix

Matador’s release on SIZE Records with this remix adds a significant chapter to his already illustrious career. His mastery of Afro House lends “Alright” an intoxicating rhythm that will undoubtedly captivate all Afro House enthusiasts. Get ready for a sonic journey that melds Matador’s prowess with the infectious spirit of Afro House, promising a remix that stands out in the dynamic world of electronic music.

AN21, HIISAK, Able Faces – Alright (Matador Remix)

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