‘More Control Over Nothing’ by Balthasar Freitag [ LoFi /Acid House]

Balthasar Freitag’s track “More Control Over Nothing” immerses us in a sonic journey that seamlessly blends the contemporary glitch electronics with a nostalgic touch of 90s Acid House. Freitag, hailing from the tranquil Swiss mountains, brings forth a musical narrative shaped by his experiences in the vibrant Zurich scene.

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Artist: Balthasar Freitag
Title: More Control Over Nothing
Genre: Electronic
Style: LoFi /Acid House

The track’s dynamic sound landscape explores the concept of seeking control amidst chaos, skillfully integrating glitch elements into its fabric. The presence of a prominent TB-303 hook in the second part adds depth, bridging the gap between past and future, creating a fusion of modernity and retro vibes.

“More Control Over Nothing” transcends the boundaries of a mere song; it’s an exploration of a diverse and evolving electronic landscape. Freitag’s passion and childlike curiosity, evident both in the studio and as a DJ, lead him down new paths, steering clear of stagnation.

Freitag’s club ethos goes beyond the stage; it becomes a sanctuary where people can surrender to his beats, escaping the mundane. From deep melancholy to passion and excitement, Balthasar strives to connect with the audience, evoking emotions in the souls of listeners.

This track encapsulates Freitag’s musical evolution from his roots in a small mountain valley to his current position shaping Zurich’s music scene. “More Control Over Nothing” is not just a composition; it’s an invitation to explore the blend of ambient intricacy and danceable beats, offering a glimpse into the artist’s relentless pursuit of movement and exploration.

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