‘Ascension’ by Kasango & Eran Hersh [Tribal /Afro House]

Welcome to the world of fiery rhythm and deep soul! Today we dive into the Tribal / Afro House sound universe with a new track by duo Kasango & Eran Hersh called “Ascension”. The mood of the track, energetic and a bit sad, represents the inner dialog between emotion and rhythm.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Kasango, Eran Hersh
Title: Ascension
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tribal /Afro House

The tribal percussion in the track performs an important function, confidently setting the rhythm and giving it a characteristic African authenticity. Not only do the rhythmic synthesizers add energy to the track, but they also act as a link between the tribal rhythms and the vocal phrases. For example, the use of synthesized bass lines and pulsating arpeggios create a strong foundation for the track.

Vocal phrases characteristic of Tribal / Afro House add depth and romance to the track. The use of ethnic motifs and repetitive mantras elevates the emotional context of the track, giving it a special mystical atmosphere.

In general, “Ascension” is a professionally done work with clear production, which not only captures the listener with its energetic sound, but also immerses him into the world of musical rituals and dance rituals of African tribes.

Kasango & Eran Hersh – Ascension [Tribal /Afro House]

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