‘Lonely Nights’ by Sarge Malone [Minimal House]

“Lonely Nights” by Sarge Malone from UK is a true exponent of the minimalistic Minimal House sound. The track is saturated with energy, sexiness and romance, which is typical for this style.

обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Sarge Malone
Title: Lonely Nights
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal House

Starting with the bass line, we dive into deep and soft “drums” that create the foundation for the rest of the elements. Synthesizer chords that punctuate the composition add elegance and mystery.

The rhythmic structure of the track is calibrated to the smallest details, which allows it to easily blend into the atmosphere of the club and cause movement even for the most demanding listeners.

It can be said that “Lonely Nights” has perfectly honed characteristics that make it appealing for both dance floors and intimate moments at home.

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