Awakening Inspiration: EMEDI “Awake” Progressive/Melodic House.

The time of awakening is upon us. With a new piece of music in Progressive/Melodic House style. Australian based producer, EMEDI present “Awake”. The track truly embodies his passion for sounds.

“Awake” has a damn incredible energy that can wake up every cell in the body. The moods of the track make the listener feel in a state of true awakening.

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Label: Addictive Sounds
Artist: EMEDI
Title: Awake
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive/Melodic House

The male vocals fit perfectly into the overall atmosphere of “Awake”. The singer’s voice conveys emotions and feelings like a waking dream. He is like a guide between the listener and the music, transporting those who listen to him into the world of musical emotions.

However, the real star of this track – appears in the second part. Exciting and dynamic sounds awaken the desire to move and dance. The pulsating synthesizer creates an amazing impression of flying in an atmosphere of sounds.

“Awake” is a true awakening of musical inspiration and EMEDI proves his ability to create unique and memorable tracks. His talent and passion for sounds is reflected in every note, and listeners will not be able to remain indifferent in front of this musical magic.

EMEDI – Awake (Original Mix)

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