‘Big Busta’ by Low Steppa, Jewel Kid [TechHouse]

Toolroom label continues to be a factory for releasing club hits in House, TechHouse style. Toolroom consistently delivers quality releases, and “Big Busta” by duo Low Sterrai and Jewel Kid is no exception. This track is further proof of the high level of production and professionalism they maintain.

“Big Busta” is a true club weapon. It is designed for big venues and loud speakers. This is a track that will be played in DJ sets all over the world, warming up the crowd to the max. Play it right now!

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обложка трека , цифровой релиз

Artist: Low Steppa, Jewel Kid
Title: Big Busta
Genre: Electronic
Style: TechHouse.


Slamming tech-house drums are heard here. They are set by a powerful, dense beat, which does not leave indifferent. Each drum pierces through, and hi-hats create the very rhythm, which is impossible to get away from.

The groove of the track is insatiable. The bass line is fat and pumps non-stop. It does its job: it makes you move. Bass is deep in the mix, penetrating into every cell of the body, making you vibrate.

Of particular note are the ballsy vocals. It is presented with boldness and humor, which makes you smile on the dance floor. These vocals blend perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the track, adding even more energy and drive.

“Big Busta” by Low Steppa and Jewel Kid is a track that should be in the arsenal of every TechHouse DJ who wants to blow up the dance floor. It’s a real hit that will surely be played for a long time to come.

Low Steppa, Jewel Kid – Big Busta [TechHouse]

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